Oakford Burmese

Breeders of Burmese and Birman cats, Worcester, UK

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Our Cat Family - breeding queens

Grand Champion Oakford Summerthyme


27n Brown

Sire:-   UK & Imperial Grand Champion Mainman Kissanova

Dam :-  Oakford Isshey Adiva

A very gentle girl and has produced 3 healthy litters, is now a Grand Champion

Champion Oakford  Selene 


BURB 27b  Chocolate

Sire:-   Oly Gold Imperial Grand Champion William The Sweetie Charlesbur (imp) 

Dam:-  Oakford Isshey Adiva

A sweet natured girl who has produced 3 good litters and enjoys competing at cat shows

Oakford Pixel


Brown Tortie 27e

A new girl home bred and still very young we hope to breed from her at a later date.

Estilia Alys


Red 27d

Alys has just been to her first show and will be one of our future queens.

We would like to thank  Eva Linton-Kubelka for entrusting her with us